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Why Do Job Seekers Need to Take The Quiggle Assessment?

A well-written resume, cover letter, and face-to-face interview are not enough for employers to hire you in 2021.…

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Seven Secrets For Successful Interviews

You scheduled your preliminary job interview with your dream company, and you are expecting your qualifications to…

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Eight Powerful Tips for Successful Parenting

There are no handbooks for being outstanding parents. Juggling responsibilities, balancing priorities, and…

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The Quiggle Assessment™

I want to introduce you to a passion project I have been working on for over ten years called “The Quiggle Assessment™.” I have been utilizing it at…

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Seven Questions Leaders Must Ask Before Making Big Decisions

Leaders are key decision-makers. Eventually, every CEO will face a choice that could either make or break their…

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Five Strategies to Propel Team Members

The most powerful method to motivate others is to lead by example. Having an optimistic outlook and showing personal…

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