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Lead Like Reagan

Dan launched his career in the post-presidential office of Ronald Reagan where he learned from one of history’s greatest leaders. Lead Like Reagan is a poignant collection of stories from Dan’s life as a leader and inspirational leadership lessons learned directly from President Reagan.

In Lead Like Reagan, you’ll gain insight into Dan’s personal leadership philosophy, learn key traits to be a more effective leader, and build a unique leadership strategy you can use in your business and throughout your legacy leadership journey.

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Is CEO Disease Crippling Your Company?

How to Diagnose & Treat It Before It’s Too Late

What is CEO Disease? Is it hurting you, your company, or your teams? Get your copy of Dan’s leadership eBook Is CEO Disease Crippling Your Company? and find out if this common affliction is undermining your leadership ability and the success of your company.

Who’s In Your Kitchen Cabinet?

10 Ways to Build a Powerful Brain Trust

As a leader, you must purposefully choose who you allow to speak into your life and guide you on your leadership journey. In Who’s In Your Kitchen Cabinet?, you will learn to build a powerful brain trust that will propel you toward leadership success. After all, you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with.