Why Take the Quiggle Assessment™?

Better Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Knowing your strengths can be important in a wide variety of situations. When you pick a college major, lead a team, or think about running for office, knowing yourself will help. Your personality might appear as strengths in some situations and weaknesses in others.

Strong organizational skills and a detail-oriented personality can be a major strength in your work.  At the same time, it can trip you up in situations where you need to let other people take the reins.

This test and the leadership component associated with it have one goal in mind — create and market the best version of you!  The Quiggle Assessment™ is a personality test, power pitch generator and leadership development tool. It’s designed for anyone motivated to elevate their life by leading and impacting others.

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Market Yourself to the World

The Quiggle Assessment™ helps you unlock the words to differentiate yourself in a vast world.  Knowing how to get noticed for being your authentic self is a true key to success.  There is no need to market yourself in the same vein as your peers; be original, let your true colors shine.

Every Success Symbol has strong leadership characteristics, and The Quiggle Assessment™ gives you access to a power pitch generator that will walk you step-by-step through the process of building a Success Slogan using your specific traits. When you finish, you will jump at the opportunity to update your online bios, and you will never market yourself in the same way again!

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Discover Which Situations Allow You to Perform at Your Peak

Learning more about your personality type allows you to discover new ways to approach problems. If you discover through The Quiggle Assessment™ that your Success Symbol is the Guardian who is compassionate but guarded, then you may look for ways to give yourself time to let your guard down.

Knowing what might work best for your personality type can give you new ideas on how to solve problems. Or, how to deal with stress, cope with conflict, and manage your work habits.

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Better Understand Yourself and Other People

After getting your results from the Quiggle Assessment™, you will have a better understanding of your personality. We all have a different way of seeing and interacting with the world. You will learn all the different reactions that other people might have in the same situations. Your ability to understand these reactions will help you succeed with all the other personalities.

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