"We all need guidance and inspiration. The best leaders give both. Dan certainly is a giver of both practical guidance and visionary inspiration - a leader in the truest sense."

- Jon, Bestselling Author

The Quiggle Group

“Making an impact - powerful message to become a better leader and a better person. I can’t wait to take the online version of The Quiggle Assessment™”

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- Mark, student, San Diego, CA

"Dan takes the leadership lessons he learned directly from President Reagan and intertwines those timeless principles with real life application. He uses interesting stories you can relate to, challenging his audience in ways that will grow their business and improve their personal life."

- Jon, CMO

"By far the best presentation we've had this year. Very motivating and inspiring as well as aligned with key leadership development concepts we are working on. I can’t wait for the rest of my team to take The Quiggle Assessment™ online."

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