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At the Quiggle Group, we like to use our past customers to share testimonials with our new customers. This is the only way to really assess if the personality instrument is effective. Click Here to Read our most recent testimonials.

If you would like to pre-pay or a Quiggle Assessment™, please Contact Us by email and we will help you purchase an assessment. We will give you a coupon code to use as your special gift.

At the Quiggle Group, we believe strongly that an effective team needs diversity of strengths. Teams flourish when there is a Director, and a Creator, and an Analyst, and a Guardian all working together to get a job done. The best way to understand the dynamics of your team, is to have everyone take the assessment and share their results. Once each person is identified as a archetype, the magic can happen! Respect grows from understanding your teammates and productivity increases!

After partnering with a social scientist, and reviewing numerous studies and the research surrounding personality characteristics and how they relate to differences in communication styles and leadership qualities was undertaken, the Quiggle Assessment™ was born.

This information was combined with Dan Quiggle's invaluable leadership experience and observations of leaders over three decades, as well as successful and unsuccessful teams.

Resulting from that, six Success Symbols were created that correspond to different personality characteristics and approaches to communication, leadership, and workplace behavior.

A scoring mechanism was then designed in order to classify people into the different Success Symbols based on their answers to these questions. This scoring mechanism was then automated so that one’s Success Symbol can be immediately determined once the assessment is completed.

With these results, we created and trademarked our one-of-kind Power Pitch generator that matches your personality type and success symbol with branding words to create a success slogan and success story. Allowing you to separate yourself from the herd and discover and market the best version of you.

The Quiggle Assessment™ is similar to other personality tests, in that it uses a series of questions to record your tendencies and behaviors. From your answers, a predominant personality type is determined.

The real difference is what comes next.

The Quiggle Assessment™ is specifically designed to help you market yourself by using Success Slogans and Success Stories. We want you to be able to speak intelligently about your strengths and weaknesses, and to use new methods of communication in order to get noticed.

We are all leaders, but if this is not detected by others, then it will be hard to move ahead in life!

Through keynote presentations, intimate meetings, virtual events or workshops, Dan delivers an inspiring, entertaining and enthusiastic presentation filled with real-life takeaways and life changing lessons. By following Dan’s leadership workbook during the engagement, you will discover new ways to create the best version of you. What can you expect…

LEARN an innovative way to write your Success Story
CHALLENGE your existing paradigm on work-life balance
CHANGE how you view crisis
DISCOVER strategies to increase sales
EXPAND LEADERSHIP and build a successful team of leaders
EMPOWER others to own their visions
TAKE AWAY tangible methods to pursue the best version of you.

Every speech is customized and based on the needs of the organization and the leadership. Dan will speak with you in advance to make sure that his speech inspires, entertains and motivates all, while communicating and supporting the desired message.

Yes, he does both. Dan’s engagements, whether online or in-person, can either be 60-mins, 90-mins, half day or full day by request.

Yes. Dan has spoken to companies and groups of all sizes internationally for over 20 years. All of his speeches have been referral based. We would be happy to provide a list of references and testimonials upon request. Contact Us