A well-written resume, cover letter, and face-to-face interview are not enough for employers to hire you in 2021. Companies no longer want to absorb the high cost of a poor hiring decision and turnover. They want to be more precise and efficient. Your education, skills, and previous experiences are still important; however, predicting future success also depends on candidates’ personalities. Personality tests like The Quiggle Assessment help companies improve candidate screening, identify quality applicants, and increase employee retention.

How do job seekers benefit by taking The Quiggle Assessment? 

Whether you are applying for your first job, changing careers, or working your way up the corporate ladder, you have to get noticed in the applicant pool. The Quiggle Assessment identifies your strengths, discerns which careers are ideal for you, helps you stand out, and gives you the tools to market yourself.

By taking The Quiggle Assessment, you will make better-informed choices and be one step ahead of the businesses that use personality assessments as a hiring tool. The Quiggle Assessment measures your emotional intelligence, teamwork abilities, adaptability, work ethic, and motivation. By creating a Success Slogan and Personalized Success Story, you will attract a company’s attention by touting your finest traits with confidence.  You will also create a dynamic narrative that hooks potential employers and shows off your value and relevancy.

Here is a letter I received from a college graduate named Jarvis: 

My name is Jarvis. I’m 27 years old with a degree in political science and history. Two months ago, I was applying for a fellowship to advance my career. My mentor encouraged me to take The Quiggle Assessment, and it completely changed my outlook on my professional and personal life. 

I have always been a nurturing person taking care of everyone, so it was no surprise that my Success Symbol was The Guardian. However, the real magic happened when I worked through the Power-Pitch Generator. I had no idea The Guardian was also a leader and a highly desired personality in a team environment. The Quiggle Assessment was an eye-opening experience for me because it made me realize I can lead a group in my way. 

By using keywords and a powerful hook, I was able to articulate my strengths with ease. I embraced my conscientious, authentic, and caring personality and understood how strongly I believed in bringing multiple people together to achieve an optimal outcome. 

The day after I took The Quiggle Assessment, I had an interview for this fellowship, and one of the first questions the directors asked me was, “What do you think it takes to be a leader?” I confidently responded by telling them how I led, rather than generic personality strengths everybody mentions when they think of leadership. I described my authentic self and said, “The way I lead is by collaboration. I believe when you pull the team together and get them working towards the same goals, you will have greater success.” 

I was excited that I had stellar answers to all their questions and that my responses highlighted my personality. I walked away from the interview with assurance. A week later, I got the position.  

Since then, I have encouraged many friends to take The Quiggle Assessment. I’m very grateful for how much more confidence I have in myself and all my future endeavors. 

Thank you, 


How does The Quiggle Assessment lead to better hiring decisions? 

The Quiggle Assessment provides valuable insights into candidates’ behavioral tendencies, how well they work in a team environment, and if they fit into a company’s culture.

Businesses can assess candidates’ personalities for a wide range of job opportunities. By utilizing the results from the assessment, employers can predict employee performance successfully. They can select candidates who enhance their current teams by choosing employees with different personalities and Success Symbols from their current employees. Moreover, companies can increase the quality and retention of their new hires through this screening process.

What are some qualities The Quiggle Assessment reveals about job seekers?

By utilizing the assessment, companies can accurately assess personality traits like stability, communication skills, honesty, leadership, motivation, critical thinking, sociability, passion for learning, curiosity, ambition, self-confidence, initiative, empathy, and creative thinking. The Quiggle Assessment combined with structured interviews can help companies focus on employee quality while reducing hiring and training costs.

What are the long-term benefits of utilizing The Quiggle Assessment? 

The Quiggle Assessment helps measure characteristics, stability and develops employees. Businesses will know how much training employees require. The assessment also helps with team building by revealing each employee’s strengths and weaknesses and their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Furthermore, enterprises will understand future workforce development and planning by positioning employees in the roles that allow them to thrive.

Lead Well,