Job Seekers

Most job seekers struggle to get noticed in the applicant pool.

How can you sell your strengths when you are not sure what they are?

There are 8 million displaced workers in the United States all trying diligently to get back into the workforce. But they do not know how to stand out and market themselves.

This leads to disheartened job seekers who are unsure what steps to take to succeed. Thankfully, it does not have to be this way.

The Quiggle Assessment helps you attract a company’s attention by touting your finest traits with relevancy and confidence.

Ask Yourself

  • Can you articulate inspirational stories about what you have to offer?
  • Do potential employers comprehend how you can make a positive impact in their company?
  • Have you aligned your strengths and developed a dynamic hook?

Write Your Success Story Now

All of us are natural leaders. It is up to us to learn how to present our gifts and talents. The Quiggle Assessment helps you communicate how you create value and make a positive impact on the world.

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Which One Are You?

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The Creator

As the most expressive of your friends, your bold personality makes you an asset. People are drawn to your fresh outlook, and your ability to create something previously unimaginable.You are an original in every definition of the word. You like to dream of different and innovative ways to do things and in your mind, the status quo need not apply. Your emotional nature makes you a multifaceted force.

The Explorer

With your vibrant excitement for life it is not surprising that people pursue your adventurous and outgoing energy. You thrive under pressure with your out-of-the-box solutions. Willing to take risks, your bravery and determination serve you well. You are fast-paced, yet flexible and you want other people to experience the rush of achieving new heights.

The Director

A dynamic force in the world, your ambition and confidence work hand in hand to open countless doors of opportunities for you. You remain receptive to the world around you, allowing you to motivate compelling results from your surroundings. Regardless of the situation, you are always prepared to act as a diplomat.

The Guardian

Approachable and reassuring, you make those around you feel safe in your presence. You are loyal and dependable, making your work ethic and attitude well sought out after. You are well liked and respected because you remain an authentic, honest version of yourself. Humble and ever so graceful in conversation, you never fail to be a friendly face in a room of strangers.

Quiggle Assessment - Analyst
The Analyst

People are drawn to your ability to make sense of the world around them with your attention to detail and your ability to find the missing answers. A meticulous member of society, you make it your responsibility to deliver practical help. Your analytical thought process yields a composed, knowledgeable personality. Likewise, your actions are precise and deliberate.

The Royal

Steady, striking, and tasteful, it is no surprise that people are drawn to the magnetism of your sophistication and elegance. You remain clear headed in the face of conflict, offering insightful guidance to the situation. Candid, yet dignified, your classic presence does not go unnoticed when you enter a room. A natural leader, your regal, steady hand yields monumental results, making you reputable and trusted in your field.

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