I want to introduce you to a passion project I have been working on for over ten years called “The Quiggle Assessment™.”

I have been utilizing it at my speaking engagements with business owners and conferences with high school youth. It has changed the lives of students, job seekers and company leaders by helping them create their personalized Success Story. Here is what my satisfied customers have to say about this innovative personality assessment. And please tune into my podcast later this month where I show you how I have witnessed “The Quiggle Assessment™” change the world.

The Quiggle Assessment™ gave me the confidence to write compelling essays highlighting my strengths. I applied to sixteen universities articulating my uniqueness in my applications. But this is not how my journey began…

I was finishing up my Junior year of high school and eager to be a senior. I knew it would be one of the most exciting times in my life. As I started applying to top colleges, I began feeling anxious and stressed. My applications were weak, and I could not find the words to make me stand out. When I thought about possibly leaving my family and most of my friends for four years, I became depressed.

I am usually a confident person. I have a 3.7 G.P.A., play basketball and edit my school’s digital newspaper. I even spent a summer with my youth group in Europe. I am well rounded but struggled with my college applications.

My Economics teacher noticed how overwhelmed I was and introduced me to The Quiggle Assessment™. It was only 21 questions, and the results helped me discover my Success Symbol, The Explorer. I am a daring, resilient, adventurous, and an ambitious teenager. I wanted to one day be a CEO of a consulting company.

The Quiggle Assessment™ helped me create a Success Story to market myself using my character strengths. I got back on track and began writing essays with ease. I was able to market my distinctive traits.

The Quiggle Assessment™ guided me to dig deeper and discover who I truly am. And it made the college admissions process enjoyable. I can finally visualize my path to success.


Deepak Shah, Phoenix Arizona

Job Seekers

For the past five years, I have worked as a medical sales rep. It was fast-paced and exhilarating, but I had little life/work balance and never took a vacation. It was time for a change. I recently had my first child, and I needed a flexible schedule. The Quiggle Assessment™ helped me discover my passion and transition to a rewarding and lucrative healthcare management career.

Before discovering my Success Symbol, I was naive about creating an impactful online bio. I listed all my medical sales experience on my resume and got rejection letters and emails. I was shocked that my years of being a successful sales rep could not lead to a management role.

I excelled in academics and had a Master’s degree in Spanish. I was one of the top reps in my region, but I could not create a resume and cover letter to show my strengths. One of the moms at my “Mommy and Me” group suggested The Quiggle Assessment™.

After learning my Success Symbol was “Director,” it encouraged me to embrace my ambitious nature as well as my ability to be receptive and diplomatic. I was able to write a compelling Success Story using pivotal words highlighting my experiences. I aligned my online bio with the culture of the companies I applied to. I focused on my personality and values and was overjoyed when I received a call from the top healthcare consulting firm’s vice president, welcoming me to their team as a Regional Manager.

The Quiggle Assessment™ showed me step by step how to create a hook and leave a memorable impression. I updated my bio with purpose and optimism. I rediscovered my true potential and made a successful career change. And best of all, my family and I are happy with my life/work balance.

Thank you.

Maria Luisa Sanchez, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Company Leaders

A year ago, I got hired at what I thought was my dream job, Vice President at a top consulting agency, but my team and I could not meet any of the quarterly numbers. I was on the verge of being fired.

A colleague introduced me to The Quiggle Assessment™. I took the test and encouraged my team to do the same.

My Success Symbol was the Guardian. I was elated to read about all my positive traits. Guardians are approachable and make others feel safe in their presence. They are authentic, dependable, loyal, and humble.

I was a mom of three high school kids at home, but I never thought of bringing those qualities to the workplace. I always tried to be rigid and emotionless in my business transactions.

The Quiggle Assessment™ allowed me to be my authentic self, solve problems, and cope with communication conflict much better than before because the assessment also made me aware of my weaknesses.

I had my entire team take the assessment and it turns out my team was filled with many of the Success Symbols, we just needed to learn how to capitalize on all of our personalities. Our brainstorm sessions became effortless and we had many new ideas on working efficiently. The internal politics faded away, and our focus was on our clients and productivity.

The Quiggle Assessment™ inspired me to be a more empathetic leader and motivated my ethnically and educationally diverse team to grow and surpass our goals. We expanded our creativity and problem-solving because every team member was engaged in our decision-making. I began seeing our work results and the positive impact we were making on our clients and the company.

Thank you!

Sandra Hoffman, Boston Massachusetts