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We’re going to turn the tables today and ask Dan what he has been up to. All of you know Dan Quiggle as the CEO of Quiggle Group, a marque keynote speaker, a leadership coach and a serial entrepreneur. Dan also worked with President Reagan in his post presidential office and is the author of Lead Like Reagan. 

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:40  Dan what have you been up?
  • 1:32  The Quiggle Assessment 
  • 4:05  What value does the Quiggle Assessment bring into people’s lives?
  • 5:03  So who’s going to be benefiting from the Quiggle Assessment?
  • 6:22  Do you have any stories that you can share about students who completed the Quiggle Assessment?
  • 9:28  Tell us about Pam, who was looking for a new job.
  • 10:20  How did the quiggle assessment help Joe?
  • 11:57  Dan, you’re a successful entrepreneur, and this is your fifth company, what is your success symbol?
  • 13:37  So Dan, as the director, I guess it’s a natural fit for you to run companies?
  • 15:01  So you launch the quiggle assessment online from your website?
  • 15:56  Buy one give one program changing 3 million lives in three years.
  • 19:03  What was the turning point in your life, when you knew you wanted to inspire and teach people about leadership?
  • 20:28  How do you engage the audience in real time learning?
  • 23:35  So what are some of the memorable moments from your travels?
  • 25:41  What are the other attributes of successful leaders today?
  • 29:53  So how do you continue to grow and develop as a leader?
  • 31:07  What are some of the risks that you took in your life?
  • 35:32  What is the best advice for keeping all these teams motivated?
  • 36:30  Do you have CEO disease? 
  • 37:51  Who do you look to for inspiration?
  • 39:16  How is it traveling again and being back on stage?
  • 41:54  Dan, any last words of wisdom?

To take the Quiggle Assessment go to quiggleassessment.com

If you’d like Dan to speak at your school, corporate or non-profit event in person or virtually, you can contact him at  quigglegroup.com.

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