Welcome to episode 053 of Garage to Goliath—Leaders Building Legacies Podcast.

Today Dan sits down with elite mental conditioning coach, Trevor Moawad.

Trevor is the president of Moawad Consulting Group and the CEO and co-founder of Limitless Minds with partner Russell Wilson. He excels as a mental conditioning coach to elite performers and has worked closely with prestigious NCAA football programs and coaches. Trevor has been a part of eight national championship appearances and has additionally supported the U.S. Special Operations community, the MLB, NBA, NFL, UFC, and many other elite professionals and organizations. He has been featured in both sports and mainstream media, including Sports Illustrated, USA Today, ESPN, Fox Sports, and NPR.

Over the years, Trevor has worked with many elite performers including Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Eli Manning, and Tony Romo. In 2017, Trevor was named the “Sports World’s Best Brain Trainer” by Sports Illustrated. In this episode, you’ll hear some of these brain training techniques and get a closer look at what it takes to become an elite performer.

Here are some key moments timestamped for ease of navigation:

  • 3:11 – Trevor’s background

  • 8:33 – Trevor’s father and his upbringing

  • 10:10 – Positive vs. negative thinking

  • 17:00 – The power of neutral thinking

  • 25:40 – High performance strategies that emphasize judgment-free thinking

  • 31:34 – What has happened, is happening, and will happen

  • 35:42 – Levels of influence

  • 38:19 – Creating a plan and the “aggregate of marginal gains”

  • 45:00 – The power of watching your own highlight reel

  • 54:43 – Advice to parents of athletes

  • 58:53 – Advice to high school athletes who want to succeed in college

To learn more about Trevor Moawad and Limitless Minds, please visit:

Trevor’s new book titled It Takes What It Takes was released February 4, 2020, and can be ordered here.

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