In episode 052 of Garage to Goliath—Leaders Building Legacies Podcast, Dan sits down with Bobby Herrera.

Bobby is one of 13 children and the first in his family to be born in the United States. The son of two migrant workers from Mexico, Bobby joined the Army when was 18 so he could take control of his own destiny and fulfill his father’s dream of serving in the armed forces. After leaving the military, Bobby worked briefly in accounting and although he didn’t love it, it taught him a lot. His experience in accounting got him through the toughest parts of starting his own business. Today, Bobby serves as co-founder and president of Populus Group—one of the fastest-growing HR service companies in the United States. Bobby also speaks to many business leaders and entrepreneurial groups around the world. He believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed and is an unwavering supporter of the underdog.

As you listen to Bobby’s interview, you’ll notice that it is broken down into 3 main sections. For ease of navigation, feel free to jump to a specific section using the timestamps below:

Personal [2:33]

  • The Bus Story [4:12]

  • Bobby’s Leadership Philosophy [13:01]

  • The Herrera Family Motto [18:17]

Professional [21:33]

  • Lessons From the Military [40:53]

The Gift of Struggle (Bobby’s Book) [50:17]

  • Choosing the Hardest Right [50:58]

  • “Break It To Make It Better” [59:03]


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