Jerry Daniels is the founder and CEO of Automotive Broadcasting Network. He is not only an industry disrupter, he also created a blue ocean for himself. He identified an unknown, unmet need in society and created a valuable societal solution. He is the epitome of a value creator.

Profits and success are a natural result of Jerry’s big heart, treating people well, being different, and his desire to positively impact society and communities through value creation.

One of my favorite quotes from Jerry in our time together is, “It doesn’t take any talent to do what people expect you to do.” Jerry embodies this quote.  He went from Garage to Goliath because of his commitment to be different.

Listen below to learn about value creation and the beauty of being different from ABN founder and CEO, Jerry Daniels. Enjoy!

Lead well,

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Show Timestamps:

  • Dan talks about Jerry’s blue ocean idea  [1:00]

  • Jerry talks about his garage to goliath story, starting with humble beginnings  [2:05]

  • Jerry talks about his big why, what motivates him when times are tough [4:20]

  • Jerry talks about his personal values and the core values of his company ABN [5:05]

  • Jerry shares what he spends his time thinking about [8:30]

  • Learn how Jerry talks to his kids about how to be different [10:07]

  • What Jerry learned at Asbury Automotive Group [11:38]

  • Jerry reveals his dream job [13:40]

  • Jerry talks about what keeps him up at night and how he deals with it [15:08]

  • The one piece of advice Jerry would give to his 20-year-old self [16:29]

  • Learn about Jerry’s personal leadership style and leadership philosophy [18:10]

  • Jerry gives advice to entrepreneurs on how you’ll know the idea is right [20:48]

  • Jerry talks about some of his challenges starting a business [23:58]

  • Jerry talks about who he hired first and why [25:10]

  • Learn how Jerry creates a vision for his team [26:01]

  • Jerry tells a story about a time when he didn’t lead well and what he learned [29:25]

  • The one trait Jerry looks for in his top people [31:07]

  • Jerry shares the type of people he has in his kitchen cabinet [33:16]

  • What does Jerry consider the greatest thing he focuses on as a leader [35:00]

  • The life advice or business advice Jerry gives to his kids and grandkids [38:20]

  • Jerry gives an example of how to know when to stop and try something else [39:31]

  • Jerry talks about what else he wants to accomplish in life [42:44]

  • Jerry talks about his company’s big why beyond profits and tells a story of how ABN adds value to the community [43:51]

  • Jerry tells how he maintains balance between family and business [46:11]

  • Jerry talks about an impactful leader in his life [47:34]

  • Jerry shares how he wants his children to describe him to his grandchildren [50:19]